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Imagine your perfect cab interior


Find the cab interior you’re looking for

Less than a minute isn’t very long; it’s just an instant. But it’s an instant in which you can connect with your inner self inside the cab of your lift. At Eninter, we’ve taken our own emotions as inspiration for the design of our cab interiors. Is there any better travel companion than our own emotions? Whether you want to feel the joy of a new day, you’re feeling a little wild or you want to find a moment of peace, look through our cabs and find the interior that best suits you.

Zen Cab


The Zen cab interior is ideal for people who want to keep things simple. It’s the most subdued model in the Eninter range. It stands out for its simplicity and practicality. If you’re looking for a practical, straightforward and economical cab interior, this is your best option.

Joy Cab


Getting the perfect cab colour is no longer a concern. If you want to move away from the conventional and go for a splendidly colourful cab, look no further. This is your option. Just choose one of the colours in our catalogue or simply tell us your favourite colour and we’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be simpler.

Wild Cab


This lift cab is our most innovative new product. It’s the first modular cab on the market and the most economical to maintain. Its unique assembly system means that panels can be replaced without having to take apart the entire cab. So you can keep your cab in top condition and even renovate it at very low cost. If you’re looking for versatility, practicality and the freedom to keep your cab constantly looking great, look no further and choose WILD.

Soul Cab


The SOUL cab interior is as flexible as it is spectacular. This option brings together creativity and freedom to transport yourself to another dimension without limits. Let your imagination run wild and discover how far you can go. Don’t let convention set the pace of your days. Combine images, choose colours or simply merge both worlds and create something unique that connects with who you really are.

Panoramic Cab


If you can’t decide on a specific design, but you love seeing the countryside, reflecting on the sunset and taking in spectacular views of your city, this is the perfect cab for you. The PANORAMIC cab is designed for people who want to live life with the freedom of a bird and experience the sensation of ascending and descending first hand.

Compact Cab


If your cab is in a slow, modular model, this cab will meet your needs perfectly. It’s ideal for small spaces with very little traffic. If you have a lift inside your private home, you need one of these new models. Never lose touch with your personal style, even at home.

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