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Eninter responsibility
Committed to our society


Eninter responsibility

Eninter green heart

Eninter green is a bright green that represents our enthusiasm for a more sustainable, more balanced and fairer world. We want to help improve our environment through our work.



EninterHelps is a social initiative through which Eninter Ascensores aims to help real people with reduced mobility. At Eninter we are aware of the challenge posed in our society by living with any kind of limitation, whether due to age, illness or accident. Through this initiative we help people with reduced mobility to make a dream come true even if their personal circumstances make it seem impossible. The work involved in making this dream comes true is an injection of strength for us to carry on working in this direction. Learning to live with a new normality is hard, so we want to help by breaking down one's own barriers to broaden horizons.

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Eco Lift kit

At Eninter lifts, we're firmly committed to the environment, and that's why we develop products that are respectful to our surroundings. A clear example is our Eco Lift kit, adjustable and installable very easily in any type of lift to maximise the energy savings of your system and contribute to protecting the environment.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Because we know that helping others is as enriching as it is necessary, since 2011, Eninter has been collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged communities in India.

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50 years as a Foundation

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