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We turn unconventionality into innovation


Eninter Design & Future Technology Centre

We create and develop products to improve people's quality of life, to improve your quality of life. We innovate for you and for your family. But we don't just develop products for the Eninter brand, we also analyse and study all the lift models on the market in detail so we can offer true multi-brand maintenance. It's the only way to guarantee reliable top-quality maintenance service.

Innovación Tecnológica Eninter

Technological innovation

Eninter lifts is committed to the environment and develops products that are respectful of the world we live in. A clear example of this is our Eco lift kit, which can be adapted and installed very easily in any type of lift to maximise your system's energy savings and help protect our environment.


The responsibility of transporting lives

Isaac Usieto, technical services engineer at Eninter's technology centre, tells us about his work and how important it is to our daily lives.

Multi-brand maintenance Eninter

Multi-brand maintenance

Our engineers study all the lifts on the market to ensure we can offer absolute reliability and excellent service. We have all the tools, manufacturers' manuals and original parts needed to maintain lifts of all types.

Assistència tècnica interna Eninter

Internal technical assistance

Our team of engineers at Eninter's headquarters provides support every day to all our operators. This system allows us to solve any type of incident faster.

Formació interna Eninter

Internal training

We have a test tower with three lifts where hands-on classes are offered as part of the Masia Project. Eninter also offers professional training on our products to professionals from other sectors, such as fire brigade personnel.

Desenvolupament de producte propi Eninter

In-house product development

We are constantly researching and developing new products, making modifications and all manner of improvements. Our energy efficiency solutions improve user experience, comfort and safety.


Eninter innovation

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