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At Eninter, our team is our most important asset


Eninter's founders

  • Dámaso Martínez: Founder
    'You have to have faith in your projects.'

    Dámaso Martínez

  • Rosa Mari Ramo: Founder
    'The best advertising is satisfied customers.'

    Rosa Mari Ramo


Mr Dámaso's background

I was born in 1949 into what might have been called a middle-class family at the time in a village of 700 inhabitants in the province of Cuenca. There were four children. After the Civil War, which my father took part in, he asked me one day if I'd like to go to Barcelona with him because he'd been told that there was a lot of work there. That's how I arrived in Barcelona at the age of 12.


Meet our team

  • Xavier Martínez: General Manager
    'My priority has always been thinking about the sustainable future of the company.'

    General Manager

    Xavier Martínez

  • Albert Martínez: Deputy director and Director of Sale
    'My philosophy is to surround myself with the best to achieve excellence.'

    Deputy director and Director of Sale

    Albert Martínez

  • Joan Lorente: Director of Service
    'All the challenges, and all the rewards, are yet to be achieved.'

    Director of Service

    Joan Lorente

  • Satur Campos: Director of Eninter Design & Future Technology
    'The best way to predict the future is to create it.'

    Director of Eninter Design & Future Technology

    Satur Campos

  • Carlos Corbella: Director of projects and transformation
    'My obsession is making the most of the present to prepare for the challenges of the future.'

    Director of projects and transformation

    Carlos Corbella

  • Carolina Gámez: Financial Controller
    'Reliability in the present to anticipate the future.'

    Financial Controller

    Carolina Gámez

  • José Carrasco: Barcelona Manager
    'A satisfied customer is the gold standard for Eninter.'

    Barcelona Manager

    José Carrasco

  • Ramón Gómez: Central Service Manager
    'Passion, diligence and a great sense of belonging.'

    Central Service Manager

    Ramón Gómez

  • Daniel Amat: Chief Technology Officer
    'Constant improvement is our path.'

    Chief Technology Officer

    Daniel Amat    

  • Roger Torras: Director of Marketing
    'Our brand is a reflection of our culture.'

    Director of Marketing

    Roger Torras


Eninter, much more than a lift company

Eninter's team

About us

Discover how Dámaso Martínez and Rosa María Ramo founded Eninter in 1973. They created a family business dedicated to the manufacturing, installation and multi-brand maintenance of lifts that is now the leading company in its sector in Spain.

Eninter's values

Our values

We're much more than a lift company. We understand our customers and strive to improve their quality of life. Our values help us to improve our service.

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