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We remove architectural barriers and improve your quality of life


We offer multiple accessibility solutions

Accessibility is one of our top priorities. To guarantee accessibility, we design, produce, install and maintain efficient, cutting-edge solutions, bringing them to those who need them, where they need them.


Stairlifts for any situation

Vertical stairlift platform



The perfect solution for going up and down stairs and helping those in wheelchairs enjoy mobility.

Curved stairlift platform



Adapts to all types of stairs, especially staircases with turns or changes in slope.

Straight stairlift platform



Designed for installation on straight staircases with unchanging slopes.

Chair stairlift


Curved and straight

A practical, comfortable and safe solution for people with reduced mobility.

Adapts to any staircase or building

Adapts to any staircase or building

Our stairlifts can be fitted in all types of staircases and spaces, especially straight, curved, and turning staircases and those with varying slopes. They are designed to facilitate ease of movement for elderly people and people with reduced mobility. Eninter has the accessibility solution you're looking for to eliminate architectural barriers in your home and let you move with total autonomy and freedom.

Còmodes i segures per salvar desnivells

Comfortable and safe for overcoming changes in level

Eninter's accessibility solutions allow you to lead a more comfortable and active lifestyle. Our stairlifts are collapsible to take up minimal space, and are equipped with comfortable seats and safety systems to give peace of mind to anyone who would like to improve mobility in their home or block of flats. They eliminate obstacles between levels and glide smoothly and effortlessly while providing maximum safety.


Enjoy a home without architectural barriers

Find the price point that best suits your needs.

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