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Manufacture, installation and maintenance of lifts

We design, manufacture, install and maintain lifts in all sectors. Whether for homes, offices, hotels or any type of public space, our lifts meet all the demands of today's market.

Ascensores de nueva instalación para tu vivienda

Newly installed lifts for your home

Installing lifts in single-family homes or apartment blocks is often essential. Whether you want to install a lift in a new structure or in an existing building without a lift, Eninter analyses and studies each case in detail to make sure we offer the best solution. We have lift models that can be used in any space: stairwells, on the building's façade, even in the lightwell. We eliminate architectural barriers and offer total accessibility to your home.

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Modernitzem el teu ascensor

We can modernise your lift

If you've got an old lift in your home that's constantly breaking down, it's time for an update. Over the years, the lift's components wear out, and replacing them is critical if you want the lift to keep working as it should. A modern lift not only provides improved design and comfort, but will also provide safety and prevent potential serious malfunctions. Eninter will take on your old lift and either renovate it or replace it with the lift that best suits your needs.

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Lift models

We offer a wide range of models designed to meet any need.

Ecolift – electric lift


Electric lift

Ideal for tall buildings with a lot of traffic. Also perfect for modernisation and renovation. The gearless system makes it quiet and comfortable. Environmentally friendly. Low operating consumption.

Hidrolift – hydraulic lift


Hydraulic lift

The best choice for optimising your cab surface area. Requiring very little space for installation, this is an excellent alternative for renovation projects. Electronically controlled valve group minimises energy consumption. Recommended for up to seven stops.

Compactlift – slow hydraulic lift


Slow hydraulic lift

Ideal for lifts in single-family homes. An economical solution thanks to its low energy consumption of less than 2.4 kW. Operates with single-phase 230 V. Maximum distance: four stops.


Find just the right cab for your needs

Explore our complete catalogue of lift cabs.


Building with Eninter technology

Select one of the following options to find out more:



Adapted to any dimensions or need. We manufacture our own products and provide maintenance service for all lift brands.


Stretcher lifts

For use in hospitals, outpatient facilities, clinics and assisted living facilities. We adapt stretcher lifts to any dimensions or location.


Cargo lifts

Lifts designed to transport goods in shops, hotels and restaurants, as well as in private homes.

Plataformes de càrrega

Loading platforms

Lift systems designed to transport goods. These are extremely adaptable and offer great options for usage.


Car lifts

Perfect for car parks, workshops and car dealerships. These create space and make it easy to move vehicles.

Edifici Eninter Edifici Eninter

Ask for a no-obligation quote

Call us and one of our experts will study your specific case with absolutely no obligation on your part.

Completed lift projects

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