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Lift maintenance


Specialists in lift maintenance in Spain

Multi-brand lift maintenance for commonhold associations, homes and public buildings - much more than just a formality. The main function of a lift is the vertical transport of lives, people who during this journey place their trust in the lift working properly. This means no less than boosting quality of life, and as a company that takes care of checking lifts, we also bear a great responsibility.

If you are resident in Spain and have entrusted the maintenance of your lift to us, you can rest assured. Our service is of high quality and our prices are very competitive. As a business we have many years of experience working with and checking a range of brands such as Otis, Schindler, Orona, Kone and Thyssen Krupp, among others.

One aspect we would like to highlight is that we have our own brand of lifts made in Spain, which we export worldwide.

When we provide a lift maintenance/b> service, we check a series of points that must always be in working order. Like many other parts of the home, this service requires an investment every year, and it is therefore important to be sure that it is being done properly with a view to users' welfare, and also at competitive prices.

What jobs does checking a lift involve?

What jobs does checking a lift involve?

The main steps to take to maintain the lift properly are:
- To carry out routine monthly checks.
- Repair any faults that appear and replace worn-out parts for correct preventive maintenance.
- Conduct regular inspections of the lift as required. These inspections are stipulated by current legislation.
- Implement any changes stipulated by the laws and rules imposed by the authorities.

The points mentioned above for care and maintenance of the lift are generally monthly, and it is obligatory in Spain to check the most basic features of the lift.

The importance of proper maintenance of a lift

The importance of proper maintenance of a lift

It is very important to have good multi-brand lift maintenance and to pay competitive prices. It must be ensured that all the stipulated checks are carried out; for example, checking the cabin components, the DES, the alarm, verifying starting and stopping, levelling and making sure the cabin doors open and close properly. It must also be ensured that the doors on each floor work properly and are correctly marked, among other aspects.

Because the safety of your family and your neighbours is our priority, and Eninter Ascensores can assure you that if you trust us, you can travel with peace of mind.


Types of contract

Basic maintenance

Basic maintenance

This is the simplest, most affordable contract for your lift. Despite being the most economical, it offers very comprehensive maintenance. With Basic you get all rescues included with no limitations, a free telephone care line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and third-party liability insurance included. This is without a doubt the ideal option for new lifts or those with little traffic, lifts that are not a fundamental part of the building - at highly competitive prices.

Gold maintenance

Gold maintenance

The Gold contract is the best option for those seeking a middle way in coverage, also at competitive prices. With Gold you get the same cover as with Basic, but it also includes cover for 60 parts at no additional cost. Gold is the perfect option for older lifts with moderate to high traffic, systems that require more active preventive maintenance to prolong the useful life of the lift.

Plus maintenance

Plus maintenance

The Plus maintenance contract is our most comprehensive maintenance contract. In it you will find every possible coverage, with a quality lift maintenance service and preventive maintenance to prolong the useful life of your lift. Plus also includes a 5% discount on modernising the lift. Get a premium service with Plus.


Looking for a maintenance contract?

Ask us for a no-strings quote for the maintenance of your lift.


Advantages of our lift maintenance service

A contract with us brings you a host of benefits:

1. We're a Spanish-based firm with over 45 years of experience in the sector. Our staff are highly qualified, guaranteeing quality service to maintain your lift.

2. 80% of the lifts we maintain are multi-brand and the rest are our own, so we offer a solid guarantee of our quality in maintaining multi-brand lifts, and we can look after all the makes of lift on the market. We have 50 branches around Spain, less than 2 hours from our logistics warehouses, helping us to cut waiting times.

4. At Eninter we have original parts and spares to repair faults or incidents with all makes of lift. Our maintenance contracts are the most comprehensive in the sector for the replacement of parts. We monitor all our facilities and staff in real time in order to deal with any incident as promptly as possible.

6. We have 465 mobile workshops all over Spain. These workshops keep replacement items to resolve the most common faults quickly.

7. We have a free client care line available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

8. Lifts with a telephone line which are maintained by Eninter will be permanently connected to our Call Center. If the lift does not have a telephone line, Eninter will install a GSM system.

9. Depending on the installation conditions, you will get a personalised maintenance plan with a more exhaustive preventive inspection to prolong the life of the lift.

10. Third party civil liability insurance covering up to €10,000,000 a year in the event of any accident.

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