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Manufacture and installation of lifts

Eninter offers a unique and unprecedented solution Which you and everyone seeks.

  • We design your custom lift in our own factory.
  • We buy the best materials to make the lift:
    Femator or Wittur doors, Ziehl-Abegg or CEGI motors, GMV hydraulics.
  • We adapt to your deadlines.
  • Delivery of new installation from signing the contract:
    6 weeks.

Our main guarantee of quality is having our own plant.
It gives us the opportunity to design lifts adapted to any size and any need.
Our product catalogue features the ECOLIFT, a next-generation lift that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Since it uses a tractor unit without gears, energy loss due to mechanical friction is reduced, eliminating the need for lubricants (contaminant agents) and optimising energy efficiency by using a permanent magnet rotor instead of the conventional squirrel-cage rotor. All this is combined with a 3D installation design to achieve maximum use of space and finite element simulation (FEA) to optimise the material resources used and make the installations lighter so as to reduce their consumption. The electronic control of the tractor unit through a frequency converter enables the regulation of the cabin's acceleration and braking curves, thereby achieving optimum consumption and exceptional travelling comfort. The ECOLIFT is also available in a single-phase 220V version. Ask us.

On occasions, it is advisable to install an ENINTER HD or COMPACTLIFT. These products have all the benefits of having been developed using 3D tools and finite element analysis by our Eninter Design & Future department. The main difference is the tractor unit used, which in this case is based on a hydraulic system with electronic valve control, enabling electronic acceleration and deceleration of the lift and guaranteeing a high level of stopping precision and maximum comfort.

The Eninter lifts are manufactured with the highest quality materials; Fermator or Wittur doors , Drako cables, Ziehl Abegg and CEG tractor machines, GMV hydraulic units, etc.

All the above means that we are able to adapt to every need and comply with the most demanding terms. 4 weeks after signing the contract.

Customised lifts

Our catalogue of lift solutions includes the BIGLIFT, a lift with a mechanical configuration based on inverted guides. The counterweight guide and cabin guide layout on the same plane allows for a reduction in the space required for the mechanical elements of the lift, while also permitting a gain of up to 30% in cabin space.
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