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Escalator and moving walkway solutions

We install and maintain escalators, and flat and inclined moving walkways to streamline high volume foot traffic in any building or space. Our extensive range of solutions is designed to meet any need.

Maximum safety

Maximum safety

The Anlev A2 family of escalators are designed and manufactured for high-volume foot traffic in any location: industrial areas, shopping centres, public spaces, private spaces, etc.
These escalators are designed with all the latest in regulation safety features and made with highly-durable materials. Our solutions can be implemented in any public space or industrial or commercial transport area.


Escalator models

A2S escalator


Balustrade with glass side panels and extra-flat handrail. Ideal for commercial buildings and elegant settings.

A2C escalator


Glass side panels on the balustrade and an aluminium handrail. Ideal for exteriors. Optional lighting.

A2T escalator


Stainless steel finish balustrade. The perfect choice for public transport areas.

Màxim confort i estalvi energètic

Maximum comfort and energy savings

All of our flat and inclined moving walkways are designed with comfort, safety and energy savings in mind. Anlev ST products feature improved accessibility and movement to minimise user effort.
We have a wide range of finishes and materials for all our models to adapt to any space, interior or exterior.


Moving walkway models

ST-inclined moving walkway


Inclined moving walkways for interior and exterior use. Available with up to 12 degrees of inclination.

ST-horizontal moving walkway


Designed for all types of public, industrial, and commercial traffic.


Maintenance contracts

We offer maintenance service with original replacement parts for all installed models of escalators and moving walkways.


Completed escalator and moving walkway projects

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