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Multi-brand maintenance of lifts and chair stairlifts


Products we maintain

At Eninter we maintain lifts by all the manufacturers on the market, as well as multi-brand maintenance of other accessibility and vertical transport systems such as escalators and moving walkways, automatic doors, platforms and chair stairlifts.

We started operating in Spain in 1973 and since then have been a company specialising in multi-brand lift maintenance. Since we started out we have wanted to democratise the lift maintenance business with a quality service, affordable for all. By studying all the lifts currently in existence in Spain, we have created manuals and information material for all our technicians in order to keep up our quality standards.


Multi-brand lift maintenance service within your reach

At Eninter we know how important it is to save money for many families who need a lift or other types of installation such as chair stairlifts. We realise that paying service charges can mean a major financial effort. This is why our multi-brand lift maintenance services always seek to offer the best value for money and so save on maintenance of these systems.

  • Lifts


  • Escalators and moving walkways

    Escalators and moving walkways

  • Automatic doors

    Automatic doors

  • Chair stairlifts

    Chair stairlifts

Benefit from the most comprehensive multi-brand maintenance service imaginable, regardless of the manufacturer of your system. We cover lifts, moving walkways and chair stairlifts. Our service is our guarantee: over 40 years working in the sector in Spain. Today we work through more than 40 branches throughout the country. Eninter provides you with solutions to enhance your quality of life.


How can you save on the maintenance of your lift?

You can save on maintenance of the lift in your building, moving walkway, automatic doors or chair stairlifts in many ways. One of these is to take out the right contract for your system: technical features, condition, age and the use made of it. Depending on these factors, you can choose a contract with more or less cover and adjust it to meet your needs.

Bear the following points in mind before signing the maintenance contract:
- The price of the multi-brand maintenance of your lifts, chair stairlifts, escalators and moving walkways or automatic doors.
- The coverage of each multi-brand contract. To save on maintenance, you can check the coverage in your contract and assess what you actually need.
- The multi-brand maintenance of your lifts, chair stairlifts, escalators and moving walkways or automatic doors must include replacement of parts at no extra cost. Look carefully at whether your system often needs these parts to be replaced; taking this factor into account can help save money.
- If your lift, chair stairlift, moving walkway, etc. is new, check carefully what is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
- The length of the multi-brand contract is also important, as the longer you are with us, the better we know your system and the better we can help you to prevent certain faults. Contracts usually last from 3 to 5 years.

At Eninter we'll help you make the right decision through our sales advisers. They will help you find the right multi-brand maintenance contract to meet your needs.


Looking for a maintenance contract?

Contact our sales team.


Our maintenance contracts

We have different multi-brand maintenance contracts for lifts, chair stairlifts, escalators and moving walkways or automatic doors. All designed and adapted to meet your needs. If you live in Spain, you can entrust the maintenance of your facilities to us.

Basic maintenance

Basic maintenance

This is our most economical contract but it has fairly broad coverage. Basic multi-brand maintenance enables you to benefit from Eninter quality at a highly affordable price. It includes a third-party liability policy to give you much more protection and peace of mind.

Gold maintenance

Gold maintenance

This contract is one of our best options. Gold multi-brand maintenance gives you cover for 60 parts completely free, at no extra cost. It is ideal for systems with a lot of traffic where the wear and tear on parts may be heavier. Also for older chair stairlifts, moving walkways, lifts or automatic doors that require special care.

Plus maintenance

Plus maintenance

The Plus maintenance contract is without a doubt our most comprehensive maintenance contract. Plus includes the repair of up to 150 parts at no extra cost whatsoever, plus a 5% discount if you want to modernise your lift (*lift maintenance contract only).

24-hour client care service

24-hour client care service

Our free client care service deals immediately with any requests, doubts or complaints you might have. We offer 100% personalised service to all our clients, following up every case individually. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to advise you or deal with incidents of whatever kind affecting your lift or any of the systems we maintain, including chair stairlifts and moving walkways. Communication is immediate and always with the nearest experts to where you are. We remain in constant contact with you to support you during the wait. As we have our own client care department, we assure fluid communication between departments to speed up the resolution of incidents and improve our service, by communicating quickly with the technical team and coming out promptly to deal with emergencies to deal with them as fast as possible. Agility, speed and detailed, accurate information mean our standards of quality are constantly rising.

Further information

Technicians geolocated in real time

Technicians geolocated in real time

Thanks to our Eninter Mobile app we can keep a constant check on where our whole technical team is, in real time. We can see the location of all our technicians anywhere in Spain instantly, as well as the status of all the systems we maintain. This monitoring enables us to assign technicians to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently, according to where they are, by always looking for the nearest technician. This is crucial in our business, which is considered an essential service, which carries people and where any emergencies need dealing with quickly. When you contract our multi-brand maintenance service you'll get every guarantee and the means to ensure that you and your whole family are protected when it matters.

Further information

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