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Your garage doors in the best hands


Automatic doors for your home

Open the doors of your home to design and safety. Come and go in complete comfort. Eninter's automatic doors adapt perfectly to any space, in any size. We offer a variety of models exclusively designed to improve your quality of life.


Models of automatic doors

Up-and-over doors

Up-and-over doors

Used in residential buildings, they save space and can be fitted with a smaller pedestrian door.

Swing doors

Swing doors

Ideal for any building, they improve the design and feature remarkably simple mechanical systems.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors

Designed for homes with little space inside the garage, they are quiet and practical.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Used to span large openings, they provide separation between areas and make the best use of space.

Garage door installation and maintenance with Eninter

Installation and maintenance of your garage door

We have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of garage doors of all types. Regardless of the model you have, at Eninter we can provide periodic maintenance to ensure that all the components and mechanisms that make up your door are in perfect working condition. Correct maintenance is indispensable for keeping your system operating as it should.

The importance of safety in automatic doors

The importance of safety in automatic doors

All our garage doors comply with current European safety standard BS EN 16005:2012 and are delivered with the CE marking label, user manual and maintenance instructions. If the garage door for your home, block of flats or business does not meet the requirements of the standard, we'll update it to prevent malfunctions and accidents.


Close the door on accidents


Better access control with Access Prox

Open all the doors in your home with a single remote.


Advantages of automatic door maintenance with Eninter

Discover the benefits of contracting maintenance for your door with Eninter now.

We maintain all types of automatic doors

We maintain all types of automatic doors.

Response time of less than 2 hours

We'll respond to any type of malfunction in less than 2 hours.

Original replacement parts in stock

We keep original replacement parts and pieces in stock.

24-hour call centre

Free service call centre, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Request a no-obligation quote

Call us and a technician will study your case with no obligation on your part.

Automatic door projects

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